February 17: Read through the Holy Bible in a year.

Matthew 9:1-17.  Jesus continued his healing ministry, he healed a paralytic, but the real story is; Jesus forgave him his sins, a blasphemy unless Jesus is who he said he is. Then he called Matthew the tax collector and explained why his disciples did not fast while Jesus was with them.

Leviticus 14 deals with leprosy and mildew and what to do with both. Things like that are complicated.

Leviticus 15 deals with bodily discharges. (Hang in there, next chapter deals with the Atonement.


Matthew 9:1-17, Jesus heals, forgives sins and calls Matthew and explains fasting.

Matthew 9:1-17, Jesus heals, forgives sins and calls Matthew.

“Everyone knows that only God” can forgive sins.

In those days, a bed was only a mat, less than half an inch thick.

Tax collectors were despised, having colluded with the Romans to collect sometimes much more than required by Roman law. Corruption was rampant.