A terrible jobs report, Obama delusional. A Limerick.

On Thursday President Obama made a visit to Elkhart, Indiana to brag about his economic recovery and cited this as one reason to elect Hillary Clinton in order to preserve his legacy. He also slammed Fox News for reporting otherwise.
Never mind that many living in Elkhart rejected Obama taking credit for the economic progress of hard working businesses in the area, preferring to think it was more due to their solid republican government and their own perseverance. The next day the May jobs report came out, and is the worst we’ve seen on the employment front in five years. Don’t be fooled by a declining unemployment rate, just 38,000 jobs were added last month. Nearly half a million persons gave up their job search and left the work force, as people have been doing for years.The percentage of Americans in the labor force is the smallest since 1978 with 94.71millions of workers out of the labor force.

So if you are one of the millions of workers, ready, willing and able to work but not being able to find any for years, you may feel like this.

If unemployed more than a year,

discouraged, a case less severe.

Do not go ballistic,

you are a statistic.

A loser, a discard, you hear?

This helps to explain the rise of Trump.

The department of Jobs. Really? A Limerick.

The Obama administration may merge the Department of Commerce, the Office of the United States Trade Representative and some economic divisions at the State Department into a new agency, administration officials said. Possible names include the Department of Jobs or the Department of Competitiveness.


Bureaucracy cannot create any jobs –

Except its own, it is growing like blobs.

All initiative lost

As it increases cost.

We are watching the money the lobby lobs.

More jobs for GM – in Mexico! A Limerick.

More jobs for GM – in Mexico!

From the Wall Street Journal:

U.S. automobile giant General Motors Co. said Aug 5 2010 it plans to invest close to $500 million in its Ramos Arizpe plant in northern Mexico to produce a new line of engines as well as a new vehicle…

“We estimate that these technologies allow for a 9% improvement in fuel efficiency from current engines,” Lieblein said, adding that the investment will directly create 390 jobs in Coahuila state, where Ramos Arizpe is located.

GM is building a new plant in Mexico,

My head is spinning, I am getting vertigo

 They’re spending our money

 In places more sunny

No wonder we’re asking: Where did our jobs go?