November 12, read through the Holy Bible in a year.

James 3:1-12. We can tame a horse, put a bridle in his mouth to control him, steer a ship with a small rudder but we can not tame our tongue. There are two types of wisdom, heavenly wisdom, coming from God and earthly wisdom coming from man that can even be demonic. Heavenly wisdom produces peacemakers, earthly wisdom, not so much.

Daniel 9 is all about Daniel’s prayer and the “seventy sevens”. Many have tried to predict the return of Jesus Christ based on this prophesy. So far, all have failed. Even Jesus said he could not predict the day of his return, only that it is imminent. God only knows, and He ain’t telling. We live in “today” and “today” is the day of salvation.

Daniel 10. Daniel saw a vision of a man. It is described in colorful images, much like the way Jesus Christ is pictured in the book of Revelation. He became completely exhausted, fell asleep and was having a dream. In this dream the angel Michael spoke to him and told Daniel about his own struggle and about future events.

Psalm 111. A short, beautiful psalm with this truth: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”

Psalm 112 like Psalm 111 is an acrostic Psalm, meaning that each line (not verse) begins with the next letter in the Hebrew alphabet, starting with Aleph and ending with Taw. It tells of the blessings that follow the man that fears the LORD. Not so the wicked.