January 7, read through the Bible in a year.

Today there are four chapters, and they are significant.

January 7: John 6, Genesis 12, Genesis 13, Genesis 14, (click on the chapter to begin reading)

In John 6, Jesus performs two miracles, feeding 5000, and walking on water. In spite of this people demand a sign. Jesus is the bread of life.

Then in the Old Testament Abram is called to leave his home in Ur. He goes to a land he does not know, promised by God, and he obeys. Read it and marvel at Melchizedek, to which Abram gives tithe after God gave him success in battle.

Question: Who was Melchizedek, and why is that important?

Genesis 12, the call of Abram, his journey.


The command came with a promise:

This promise is valid even for us Christians. It is the blessing that comes with faith:

And not Abraham’s offspring, but to all that has come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, as is written in

This is interesting. Abraham went in faith. Yet, when trouble started he did not have faith that God would protect him through the famine, but resorted to deceit to stay alive. It caused trouble, and God had to bail him out. This is one strong argument why I believe the Bible. It shows even Abraham with faults and failing faith.