Hillary Clinton, the figurehead. A Limerick.

Was Hillary out of the loop?

No limit how low she did stoop.

As the ship of state bled

She just thought that she lead.

With her there’s no way to recoup.

One learns quite interesting facts from Hillary’s released e-mails. She used her personal email exclusively for communication. But during superstorm Sandy her e-mail server was down for 12 days, and nobody seemed to mind. This is what one released e-mail stated:

“This reply shows how far behind I am in responding to emails! Between losing my internet/berry service for two weeks during Sandy and jet lagging around the world, I’m not sure what I never received but am trying to crawl out from under the ones that are piled up in my in box.”

Can you get more out of the loop than that? Never mind the 3 a.m. call, but two weeks?

Seven months before Clinton left office, a top aide suggested to her that she still had “plenty of time” to “run up the score on total countries” and set a globe-trotting goal of 110 countries, according to an e-mail.

This is standard practice for how an organization works. If they are saddled with a useless top manager, to get anything done they urge the manager to take trips. Hillary fell for it, hook, line and sinker, and so the State department managed to sort of work in spite of Hillary Clinton.