November 6, read through the Bible in a year.

In between the letter of James and the first letter of Peter we read two Psalms and two chapters of Ezekiel.

November 6: Psalm 137, Psalm 138, Ezekiel 35, Ezekiel 36 (click on the chapter to begin reading).

Psalm 137. When the Jews were exiled into captivity they were forced to sing songs on their way. So somebody wrote a psalm about it. Compare that to when Paul and Silas were put in jail, they voluntarily sang songs of praise to God.

Psalm 138. David, as psalmist reminds us that God will honor His word and perform it to completion.

Ezekiel 35 is a declaration of judgment on Mount Seir.

Ezekiel 36. Now it is getting interesting. God proclaims a future blessing on Israel and the rebirth of Israel. (I took the liberty to put in a few interesting pictures.)