May 5: Read through the Holy Bible in a year.

Luke 8:1-25. Jesus told the Parable of the Sower, followed by the parable of a lamp on a stand. His Mother and Brothers came to see Jesus, but he declared that his mother and brothers are those who do God’s will. While Sailing across Lake Genesareth a storm arose, Jesus calmed the storm and rebuked his disciples for their lack of faith.

2 Samuel 12.  Nathan confronted David about his sin and David Confessed: “I have sinned against the LORD.” It tells of the death of David’s son with Bathsheba, after which a second son, Solomon was born to Bathsheba. Finally, the chapter reverts back to war and David’s men captured Rabbah, a city of the Ammonites.

2 Samuel 13 describes the seedy story of Amnon and Tamar, all within David’s family. David’s son Absalom then killed Amnon, after which Absalom fled to Geshur.