A Limerick comparison of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin.

53f82430-c81f-11e4-a165-e55b7a241106_11034188_10153163784443588_4613146623286960Who fears Sarah Palin? Elite, left and right.

That leaves us the people. Oh, what a delight.

With Clinton the dimwit*

and Palin the true grit.

The choice is quite clear and the fight is a sight.

*Definitions of dimwit:

1: A person looking up the word “dimwit” in a dictionary not knowing what it means.

2: Someone with crazy ideas that could be considered dangerous

3: Someone who doesn’t know what she is doing

4: Someone who does things just to gain acceptance from others, not because she is a real personality.

A couple of observations. Sarah Palin released all her official e-mails, both public and private, a total of 41935 (24199 + 17736)

There was nothing unlawful or even embarrassing about any of them. They showed a hard working Governor, working for the people of Alaska, using descriptive words that encourage both creativity and loyalty. She did not blame others, but remedied situations most effectively.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand used exclusively a personal server in violation of Government rules, professionally set up and maintained with proper backups. After being asked by Congress to provide all pertinent e-mails to Congress she deleted 30000+ “personal” e-mails. And not only that, she had the server professionally wiped clean, and one can only assume the professionally maintained backups were destroyed too. Incidentally, all her e-mails during the Benghazi crisis were “personal.”

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