Antarctic ice excess at new record!! The size of Greenland!! It is getting colder.

The nice things about ice is that it freezes at a certain temperature, and it doesn’t change unless salinity or CO2 levels change. If CO2 levels increase it means an ever so slightly more acidic ocean which would lower the freezing temperature making it harder to freeze, but otherwise the freezing of ice occurs at the same temperature year after year and cannot be adjusted or “homogenized”. So when the icecap has grown the size of Greenland above its 30 year average in the Antarctic this must come as an inconvenient truth for the warmists.

Without further comment let us take a look at the official data:

seaice.recent.antarctic (1)


And the 35 year anomaly:


There has been no main street media report about this to my knowledge.

If there had been a loss of ice in Antarctica the size of Greenland do you think the media would have been silent?

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