Talk and chew gum for Obama. A Limerick.

chewing gumDuring the most solemn occasion of the 70th anniversary of the D-day invasion during WWII President Obama showed his tastelessness by chewing gum. While it is by no means an impeachable offense, it did not sit well with the French and the British. The twitterworld lit up with angry messages. Chewing gum in front of the Queen! It is almost as disrespectful as when Obama talked right thru “God save the Queen”.

To walk and chew gum down in France;

For Barry, it’s no mere happenstance.

When it comes to the vets

He’s as low as it gets

And honor the corps(e)men – no chance.

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Engineer, graduated from Chalmers Technical University a long time ago with a degree in Technical Physics. Career in Aerospace, Analytical Chemistry, and chip manufacturing. Presently adjunct faculty at PSU, teaching one course in Computer Engineering, the Capstone Course.

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