The real reason Obama won’t approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

Monday, July 29, 2013 ( Skynews)

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal says the Gulf Arab Kingdom needs to reduce its reliance on crude oil, Keystonepipelinebecause fracking technology under development in other nations will result in less dependency on obtaining energy resources in his homeland.

Global demand for Saudi oil will experience further decline as the U.S. and other nations, including Great Britain and Canada, begin to find their own oil elsewhere.

Bin Talal, who is worth the U.S. equivalent of $20 billion, published an open letter to his government on Twitter, aimed to get the attention of his country’s oil minister, Ali al Naimi, Sky News reports.

He wrote the letter out of concern that the demand for oil from the Organisation of the Petroleum keystone_map_thumbnailExporting Countries (OPEC) is “in continuous decline,” and referred to the dangerous nature of Saudi Arabia’s dependence on the exportation of oil.

He also cited financial statistics, showing how much dependence his kingdom has on the oil industry.

“Our country is facing a threat with the continuation of its near-complete reliance on oil, especially as 92 percent of the budget for this year depends on oil,” he said.

Here is the real reason the pipeline is not approved.


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3 thoughts on “The real reason Obama won’t approve the Keystone XL pipeline.”

  1. Treason is giving aid or comfort to the enemy. It was Arab oil money that financed the 9-11 attack on America. Any action that keeps us dependent upon Arab oil is treasonous beyond any shadow of a doubt. This goes for Obummer as well as the environmental extremists who no doubt are pushing for him to not build the pipeline.

  2. Is there enough oil and other petroleum product in the tax payer owned federal lands to fund the entire infrastructure needs? We hear that trillions are in these areas more than enough to fund ALL grid,road,bridge or every other project that any politician could dream up. Enough to employ every American desiring a job which would eliminate all REAL unemployment and the need for welfare and the food stamp-like programs.What politician could run against an agenda such as this! Particularly with the current House and Senate? We need to articulate the available real numbers with regard to these resources and pound them into the electorate’s brain washed idea that the Government cares for them cradle to grave as long as you do things according to their rules.Who will be that politician that will get this message out? That will be the next effective President who’ll “lift all boats” on a rising tide of economic rebirth and debt reduction. Who will it be? Any continuing agenda based on the current Administration’s policies will only ensnare us in a trap of debt,loss of life style and degenerative mantra of Government over reach into American culture.This was not what the Founders had in mind with their founding documents. The government is to be limited by the Constitution and if necessary culled by the citizenry.

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