The connection between Benghazi and Syria. A Limerick.

WW III is at hand, expect fission.

Secret “CIA annex”; its mission:

Arm the “brothers” in Syria!

Susan Rice the Valkyria.

Blame a tape and deceive; her commission.


How many lies have we been told about Benghazi?

There was no demonstration about an anti-Muslim movie trailer.

Benghazi was not a consulate, not even a mission. It was a clandestine CIA operation.

There had been no requests for more security at the Benghazi operation. That would have exposed it to the world. The requests for more security were for the Embassy in Tripoli.

Obama said he made the order to do everything possible to keep the people in Benghazi safe.

Leon Panetta said the military decided not to intervene since they did not know what was going on.

It was too dangerous for the FBI to go in and investigate the murder scene. Really? CNN found the ambassadors personal notes a few days later lying on the floor of the villa. The real explanation is akin to the case of the investigation of the death of Vincent Foster where Hillary Clinton prevented the FBI from doing an investigation under the guise of “National Security.”

Twelve hours after the attack the CIA annex was cleaned, scrubbed and closed down. Nothing was done to the villa since it was just a meeting place. One wonders what was so important that it was worth it not sending backup to the brave defenders that had even put a laser beam on the attacking artillery. You do not put a laser beam on your attackers unless you expect imminent backup. Doing so exposes your own position.

Could it be it was an operation to arm the Muslim Brotherhood and other Jihadist groups, including Al-Qaeda with Libyan arms including chemical weapons to fight Assad in Syria? After all 40 million pounds of armaments was sent from Libya to Turkey after the Libyan uprising.

This would explain why General Petraeus initially went along with the charade that the movie trailer was the culprit. But when he would not let the CIA take the fall for the debacle he had to be destroyed, as well as Ms. Blackwell, his paramour who inadvertently spilled the beans of Iranian Red Crescent workers (spies) that were detained at the annex.

Hillary Clinton promised a grieving mother of one of the killed Navy Seals that the man that made the movie trailer would be prosecuted to the max. He has got his sentence already: One year in jail for violating probation. (One of the conditions of probation was to stay away from the internet).

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