KKK fifth grade homework assignment, a poster response.

The social studies homework assignment asked fifth graders at Clinton Elementary School, S.C.8821908_G to create a wanted poster for a Ku Klux Klan member.

Here is my poster response from the 1946 campaign in West Virginia.

ByrdWANTED! Members to join the KKK like our candidate Robert C. Byrd
He promises: Segregation forever.
Will vote against all black nominees to the Supreme Court.
Uphold States Rights.
Our featured speaker a few years ago was Margaret Sanger with her brainchild, the “Negro Project” which seeks to limit, if not eliminate, black births.
That is why we now have Planned Parenthood!!
And remember!! Vote Democrat!!!

Margaret Sanger and KKKThis is a history lesson!!

A Limerick about Bill Clinton eulogizing Robert Byrd.

The last official KKK man is the senate was Robert Byrd. He held the distinction of voting against both black Supreme Court Justices. At His Funeral Bill Clinton performed an eulogy:


When Clinton does eulogies, he does it best.

As Byrd, KKK man at last has found rest. 

It sounds good, and still 

it is all about Bill.

To gain our favor, he truth does molest.