COVID-19, Bill Gates, Nuclear energy, research and China. It starts to make sense.

On March 13 Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft abruptly resigned from the board. Not long after it was discovered that one of his small research companies held a patent on the Coronavirus, or so it was said. Being curious I took a look at the patent.It turns out, it is a corona virus all right, complete with a vaccine against it, but it is for use in animals, not humans. Bill Gates has always been interested in vaccines, especially viruses that has a potential to develop into pandemics. It is a very worthwhile research subject, you want to have the answer right away, should a pandemics develop. The good thing about patents is, you have the exclusive right to manufacture it, or license it for a fee. He knows this very well. In the beginning of PCs Bill Gates offered to sell the Microsoft operating system to IBM for 82000 dollars. IBM said no, they had their own team developing it, so they needed no help, thank you. Well, it turned out they failed, so IBM came back to Bill Gates to take him up on the offer. Bill Gates refused, but offered to license it to IBM for a “reasonable” fee and the rest is history. So it can be very profitable. The price you pay for issuing a patent is that you have to disclose all pertinent information, in this case it consisted of the whole DNA sequence of the corona virus and the method to make the vaccine. Now it shows up that this virus was close enough to the one that caused the current pandemic, so the full DNA sequence information became very helpful to have a starting point to develop a vaccine for the current strains. Where was the original research conducted? You guessed it – in Wuhan, China. Why did Bill Gates choose China for the research?

On a totally unrelated subject, but still concerning Bill Gates, his company TerraPower decided to discontinue development of a research Nuclear reactor near Beijing, China. The reason was that the U.S. Department of Energy in October announced new restrictions on nuclear deals with China, in keeping with a broader plan by the Trump administration to limit China’s ability to access U.S-made technologies it considers to be of strategic importance.

Gates, who co-founded TerraPower, said that regulations in the United States are currently too restrictive to allow the reactor prototype to be built domestically.

There we have it! China has given sweetheart deals to everybody that want to come and do research in China. No bothersome regulations, all they want is to get full knowledge of what you are doing, be equal partners in all the findings, and if it leads to good production, be equal partners until they can fully take over. This has bee going on for over 25 years, and China was ready to fully take over, but the corona virus was released prematurely by accident.

By the way, be not surprised if North Korea suddenly agrees to abolish their nuclear weapons and stockpile. Bio warfare is cheaper and more difficult to trace and control and China doesn’t want to take the blame for it.

Anecdotal evidence shows that China is now using Hydroxychloroquine as a first defense against the COVID-19 outbreak. Did they tell us? No, but they have prohibited export of one of its main ingredients, and until very recently they were single sourced.

The moral of this story is: don’t ever get caught single sourced again! By the way, it is in the Defense Procurement Regulation. And don’t get me started on Rare Earth Metals!

Tweeting diplomacy yields results. A Limerick.

Step in the Demilit’rized Zone

Trump showed he can wing it alone

For he didn’t tell Xi;

Tweeted Kim: Come and see.

Diplomacy better than drone.

Fullsized image

See what can be done without “deep state” career diplomats!

Fullsized image

This was Kim Jong-un’s reaction when president Trump thanked him for coming with such a short notice. (if you only knew)

The tweet that started the ball rolling:

Donald J. Trump

After some very important meetings, including my meeting with President Xi of China, I will be leaving Japan for South Korea (with President Moon). While there, if Chairman Kim of North Korea sees this, I would meet him at the Border/DMZ just to shake his hand and say Hello(?)!

They talked for over forty minutes in the very small “treaty room” in the DMZ.

Verse 79 of the Obama Impeachment song. The Iran deal ensuring a nuclear race.

WASHINGTON — President Obama said Sunday with  regard to the just completed nuclear deal with Iran.

“This is a good day, because once again we’re seeing what’s possible with strong American diplomacy….Yesterday marked a milestone in preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon…..Most important of all, we achieved this historic progress through diplomacy, without resorting to another war in the Middle East.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. It ensures a Mid East nuclear arms race.

According to an article in Iran Watch ( Iran has enough Uranium to make a number of Nuclear bombs in a very short time.

Using their 6000+ centrifuges agreed to under this contract they can produce 1 nuclear bomb in 1 year assuming they only use the 5060 Ir-1 centrifuges allowed to be operated under the contract and use only natural Uranium as fuel (0.7% U235).

If they use all 9000 now running reactors they can produce 1 bomb in 6.8 months. In fact, they have been running them since negotiations began and have now stockpiled enough reactor grade Uranium (3.5% U235) to be able to produce 7 Nuclear bombs.

If they were to break the contract, and why wouldn’t they as soon as they get their 150 Billion dollars released, they are free after 35 days to use all 9000 centrifuges to produce weapons grade Uranium at the rate of 1 bomb every seven weeks.

They also have 1080 IR-2 centrifuges currently not yet operating, far more efficient than the IR- 1 centrifuges ready to be started up.

In addition they have enough 20% enriched Uranium in the form of yellow cake. This used to be UraniumHexaFlouride gas, ready for further enrichment. According to the agreement it was “neutralized” into yellow cake so it couldn’t be further enriched. It takes less than two weeks to convert it back to gas, and another two weeks to enrich it to weapons grade Uranium. They have enough of this to make 1 bomb.

So, this is why the Mullahs exclaimed: We Won!

Their time table is: Get the money, wait a few weeks then break the contract.

The first bomb is ready less than 1 month later, after that, 1 bomb every seven weeks!

And then again, who is to say that they do not already have nuclear bombs? Deep down in mountains are their military “research” facilities dug down, impervious to normal bombs, with radiation shielding doors so no external measurements can be made by nuclear inspectors. In a side deal, which has not been made public it is rumored the Iranians are going to do the inspection themselves to assure all is above board and no cheating occurs.

And Iran had “observers” at the latest North Korean nuclear test!

This brings us to verse 79 of the Obama Impeachment song (as if sung by President Barack Hussein Obama to the tune of “Please release me, let me go”)

Lifted sanctions on Iran

so they can fund their terror plan.

All Mid East will hit the fan,

from Turkey up to Afghanistan!

Here is the complete impeachment song: