Obama and Putin in Peru. Stare (un)diplomacy. A Limerick.


Obama met foe in Peru;

a 4 minute stare, that will do.

They both showed their disdain.

Undiplomacy’s gain.

From Putin: I really loathe you!

Poor Obama. He had planned this final foreign victory tour to complete his agenda handing over the reins as leader of the world to Hillary Clinton. First he was going to go to Greece to promise a bushel full of money to accept even more Muslim “refugees” from Turkey and the Middle East. Then over to Germany to persuade Angela Merkel to expand the Muslim resettlements, thus fulfilling the Muslim Brotherhood’s vision: Conquer through Jihad and emigration.

Finally his last stop: Meet with all participants in Trans Pacific Partnership to wax eloquent about the virtues of the TPP. Instead his awkwardness met Vladimir Putin, being the lamest of all ducks, had to endure the humiliation of having to soon hand over the reins to Donald Trump, realizing his legacy is in tatters.

Greece facing bankruptcy. A Limerick.

With bankruptcy looming in Greece                                              Prime minister Alexis Tsipras

indexTheir socialist Tsipras decrees:

“You reject their demand.

It will strengthen my hand.”

My charm gives me more fools to fleece.

After Greece going bankrupt, which country comes next? Italy, Spain, Portugal, Puerto Rico?

Maybe even the United States?

Speaking of fools the US president spoke to Mr Tsipras and Ms Merkel before leaders gathered in Brussels.

He told the German Chancellor “it is in everyone’s interest to reach a durable agreement that will allow Greece to resume reforms, return to growth, and achieve debt sustainability within the eurozone,” said a White House statement.

Just what we need, go deeper in debt to bail out the socialist-communist Tsipras.