Justice delayed for Delay. A Limerick.

‘Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied.’ William Gladstone.

A Texas court of appeals overturned the 2010 money laundering conviction of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas). DeLay was sentenced to three years in prison in 2010, for his alleged scheme to illegally influence Texas elections in 2002.

Was justice delayed for Delay?

Ten years is a long time, I say.

But the lawyers got rich

by their tactics, of which

delay is a way to make hay.

Tom Delay


What, me worry? Tom delay dancing with the stars.

What global warming? New record for Antarctic ice Sep 14 2013.

The data is only preliminary, but it tends to indicate the Antarctic ice sheet is hitting a new record this year since measures began, after hitting a record last year Sep 25 – 29. The new record was set Sep 14 2013 at 19.52 million sqkm. the old record was set 19.44 sqkm, set two weeks later in the yearly cycle.  This fig shows the extent of the ice and indicates this year’s ice is above last year and outside the 2 sigma for the 30 year average.


The Antarctic ice cap is impressive this year.





Bibles worse than Chemical warfare? A Limerick.

This is a video from a secular Syrian. Eretz Zen, the footage was taken Sept. 3 in the Syrian town of Jarablus on the Turkish border. Reference:

A message from Syria’s Jarablus:

“We’ll take all the gas without fuss;

for the Bibles are worse;

Christian love is a curse.

Jihad filled with hate: Our syllabus.”

The CIA has been arming the Syrian rebels for some time now. Is this really the people we would like to support?

Obama and Biden, the true Neanderthals. A Limerick.

From “The Hill”: Vice President Biden on Sep 12 2013 called House Republicans “Neanderthals” for opposing some amendments to the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).”

One of the sticking points for Republicans was an aspect of the bill that would expand access to certain visas for noncitizens who are victims of domestic violence. That portion of the law was removed from the final bill.

Obama and Biden, et al.

Is setting us up for a fall.

With the debt limit blown

And restraint no more known,

Who is then a Neanderthal?


Shh. Don’t tell anyone. Record ice growth in the arctic. A Limerick.

The ice has come back to the Pole

The sunspots are playing a role.

But the press does not care

to report. They don’t dare.

For he who reports is a mole.

MoS2 Template Master

The early arrival of winter caused some yachts to be frozen in


There is more evidence of the coming “little ice age at:



Allahu Akbar! Obama the loser in Syria no matter what happens. A Limerick.

Sarah said: “Let Allah sort it out.”

While the Sunnis and Shias no doubt

fight which “God is the Greatest.”

No one wins in this contest.

And Obama is lost in a rout.


Allahu Akbar can be translated “God is greater.”

It is therefore logical to ask: Greater than who?.

The animosity between Shia and Sunni is sometimes greater than their mutual hate for Jews and Christians.

Therefore we should not get involved in this civil war ever.

And, by the way, Syria has not signed the anti chemical weapons treaty, so we have no standing.