Covid-19, Ivermectin compared to Vaccination. 3 nations: Haiti, Dominican Republic and Singapore.

To see the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, let us take a look at 3 countries, all tropical. Singapore, a country of 5.9 million people, a vaccination rate of 81% and one of the best health care systems in the world, the Dominican Republic, a country of 11.0 million people, a good health care system and a vaccination rate of 46%, and its neighbor Haiti, a country of 11.6 million people and a health care system that is probably the worst in the western hemisphere.

First, take a look at Covid-19 data from Singapore:

From less than 20 cases a day until Jul 20 2021, on October 10 it was 3,300
From having almost no deaths at all, it is now up to 8 a day.

Now take a look at the Dominican Republic:

there were 3 spikes over 1,200 cases/day recently about 675 cases/day
The first 2 spikes, over 20 deaths/day, the 3rd spike about 5 deaths/day, occurring after vaccination, now about 2 deaths/day

Now take a look at Haiti:

There were 3 spikes of less than 200 cases/day recently about 60 cases/day
The first spike, 4 deaths/day, the second 1 death/day the 3rd spike about 5 deaths/day, now about 4 deaths/day

What conclusions can we draw from this? Initially Singapore did a fantastic job holding down cases and deaths, and seemed almost to have overcome covid-19, but the hit from the delta variant hit even the 81% vaccinated people severely and the latest snapshot with 3,300 cases daily. that makes Singapore the worst of the 3 by a factor of 9 versus the Dominican Republic and 112 times worse than Haiti. But since most of the Singaporeans are vaccinated the death rates are much closer: 7.5 times worse than the Dominican Republic and 5.4 times worse than Haiti.

Haiti is a country with a great problem of parasitic infections. Ivermectin is one of the few medications that is taken almost universally. This is why their numbers are so low.

Conclusion: Ivermectin is far superior to vaccine. Let that sink in!

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