U.S.A. corona virus death rate as of September 5 is 3.00%, 41 countries have higher death rates. 15 countries giving HCQ+Zinc+Z-pak to COVID-19 patients as soon as symptoms occur have much lower death rates.

In 1956, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved HCQ for symptoms of lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, particularly skin inflammation, hair loss, mouth sores, fatigue, and joint pain. It was deemed safe to take in perpetuity with a weight appropriate daily dose, typically 250 to 500 mg/day. In fact it is deemed so safe that pregnant women and nursing mothers can take it without restrictions.

The number of corona-virus cases for U.S.A as of September 5 is 6,452,833 and  deaths are  193,121 making the death rate 3.00%. There are four states: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan, under DOJ  investigation because they required nursing homes to admit and readmit COVID-19 cases resulting in many deaths. If these states are excluded from the count the death rate would be 2.30%

The Democratic convention speakers assured us that this was the worst result of any country in the world, thanks to President Trump’s inaction and refusal to accept science. So, how does U.S.A. compare to the rest of the world? The cases, deaths and death rates for all countries with higher death rates are listed below:

(All numbers are received from  https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/)

1. Yemen                                                      1,987                      572   28.8%

2. Italy                                                      277,634                 35,541    12.8%

3. United Kingdom                               347,152                 41,551      12.0%

4. Belgium                                                87,825                   9,906      11.3%

5. Mexico                                                 629,409                 67,326     10.7%

6. France                                                 324,777                 30,724       9.5%

7. Netherlands                                         74,787                   6,243        8.4%

8. Channel Islands                                        631                        48        7.6%

9. Hungary                                                 8,387                        624      7.4%

9. Chad                                                      1,034                           77        7.4%

10. Isle of Man                                               337                        24        7.1%

11. Canada                                              131,858                    9,145       6.9%

11. Sweden                                                84,985                    5,835       6,9%

13 Liberia                                                   1,307                       82          6.3%

14. Sudan                                                   13,407                      832        6.2%

15. Ireland                                                 29,672                  1,777        6.0%

16. San Marino                                             716                         42       5.9%

16. Niger                                                      1,177                       69        5.9%

18. Iran                                                     386,658                22,293      5.8%

19. Ecuador                                             118,045                  6,724       5.7%

19. Spain                                                  517,133                 29,418      5.7%

21. Egypt                                                    98,062                  5,342       5.4%

22. Switzerland                                        44,401                  2,013       4.5%

22. Mali                                                       2,842                     127        4.5%

22. Bolivia                                             120,241                  5,398          4.5%

25. Andorra                                                1,215                       53        4.4%

26. Slovenia                                                3,165                     135        4.3%

26. Peru                                                   683,702               29,687        4.3%

28. Indonesia                                         194,109                 8,025         4.1%

28. Finland                                                  8,291                   336          4.1%

28. North Macedonia                            15,090                    617           4.1%

28. Tanzania                                                509                       21           4.1%

32. Barbados                                                 178                         7         3.9%

32. Burkina Faso                                      1,408                       55          3.9%

32. Bulgaria                                             17,050                   671           3.9%

35. Germany                                         251,456                 9,401          3.7%

35. Sint Maarten                                         511                      19           3.7%

35. Guatemala                                         77,481                2,845          3.7%

35. Afghanistan                                      38,398                1,412           3,7%

39. Denmark                                           17,883                   627           3.5%

40. Brazil                                             4,123,000             126,266          3.1%

41. Poland                                                70,824                 2,120           3.0%

That’s right! U.S.A. ranks as 42th worst country!

Now there are countries that do better, some much better. One group has this in common: They administer a proper therapy of hydroxychloroquine, most often with Zinc and Z-max as soon as symptoms occur, with or without a positive test. Some of the countries are so poor that it is all they can afford. The result?

Country               Cases     Deaths

1. Qatar                120,905          203    0.17%   The country of Qatar consists of 88% temporary workers between the ages of 20 and 60 and most of the deaths occurred in the remaining 12% of the original population.  This means that the death rate of persons between the ages of 20 and 60 is less than 0.2% if given HCQ + Zinc  as soon as symptoms occur or as a prophylactic administered instead of contact tracing and quarantine. If this regimen would be implemented immediately we could fully open schools and universities, have college and professional sports again and fully open all businesses. The most vulnerable would of course still have to be protected.

2. Bahrain               54,771        199     0.3%  Again, about half of the population are  immigrants or guest workers. They have a high rate of obesity and diabetes, but HCQ seems to be working excellent in Bahrain

3. UAE                      73,984        388     0.5%  The United Arab Emirates is a nation of 88% non-citizen immigrants and guest workers. there are over twice as many males as there are females.

4. Israel                 130,157      1,012    0.8%

5. Costa Rica            46,920        478    1.0%

6. Malaysia               9,397         128    1.4%

7. South Korea      21,177          334    1.6%

8. India              4,202,562     71,687   1.71%

9. Russia             1,025,505   17,820    1.74%

10. Morocco           72,394       1,361   1.9%

11. Ukraine          135,894       2,846   2.1%

12. Senegal             13,987         290     2.1%

13. Cuba                    4,309          101   2.3%

14. Turkey            279,806      6,673    2.4%

15. Greece               11,524         284    2.5%

There are countries that are not doing as well as U.S.A. in combating the corona pandemic, even though they freely administer HCQ. They are

16. Algeria                 46,364     1,556   3.4%

17. Indonesia          194,109     8,025   4.1%

and probably others. Many countries’ health statistics are of dubious accuracy. That is why China is excluded.

Other countries, such as

Iceland                        2,141          10      0.5%

Faeroe Islands              413             0     0.0%

Japan                        70,876        1,349   1.9%   have had success with a thorough contact tracing and quarantine. This can only be done if caught at the earliest stages of the disease. Remember, Japan never allowed the people from the infected cruise ship to enter Japanese soil and be treated in hospitals.

Vaccine may not be as effective as first thought. The china corona virus has mutated into 11 strains, and continues to mutate, so a universal vaccine cannot be developed, but like the flu, every year will have a new regional strain to combat.

The solution is to implement a hydroxychloroquine + Zinc + Zitromax regimen, both as a prophylactic and as a therapy as soon as symptoms occur.

According to the Ford study treatment with hydroxychloroquine cut the death rate significantly in sick patients hospitalized with COVID-19 – and without heart-related side-effects, the new study published by Henry Ford Health System. The death rate was cut in half for patients treated with HCQ. It is even more dramatic if HCQ is administered as soon as symptoms occur, over 40 international studies have shown an up to 80+% reduction in death rates. For some reason FDA and CDC do not acknowledge international studies. They rather let people die than accept a drug that has been approved for 64 years, and given freely to people with Lupus. It is so safe it is even given to pregnant women and nursing mothers.

How many extra deaths are we talking about? HCQ is already administered under right to try by about 16% of all cases. If it had been recommended in April, one month after President Trump recommended it based on excellent results in french studies, about half the deaths from then on could have been avoided. It adds up, about 1.5% of all cases since April 15, or about 78,000 deaths could have been avoided,  and moving forward about 600 deaths a day. This is in my opinion a low estimate.

Another significant moment in the hydroxychloroquine debate came on July 23 in the form of an opinion piece. Harvey A. Risch, MD, PhD, a professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health with many years of healthcare experience, wrote in favor of the medication, calling it “highly effective” and describing physicians who use it “in the face of widespread skepticism” as heroes.

In his opinion piece, Risch listed several studies that have pointed to the benefits of treating COVID-19 with hydroxychloroquine. He also wrote about how the medication has been politicized and said it “has not been used properly in many studies.”

“In the future, I believe this misbegotten episode regarding hydroxychloroquine will be studied by sociologists of medicine as a classic example of how extra-scientific factors overrode clear-cut medical evidence,” he concluded. “But for now, reality demands a clear, scientific eye on the evidence and where it points. For the sake of high-risk patients, for the sake of our parents and grandparents, for the sake of the unemployed, for our economy and for our polity, especially those disproportionally affected, we must start treating immediately.”

His assessment of lives saved with HCQ ++ was 70,000 lives would have been saved as of Aug 1 if HCQ had been used as early as possible. He is the scientist, I am using public data drawn from a population of 2 billion people, and we reached a very similar conclusion.

Do it! The fact that President Trump has advocated it as early as March should not be a hindrance to save 600 lives a day!

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