Red state – blue state. It is a matter of survival from the corona virus.

Based on the 2016 election results you have a much better chance of escaping the coronavirus if you live in a state that President Trump won. The exceptions are Louisiana, that allowed Mardi Gras to go ahead in spite of the epidemic. This affected Mississippi as well. Pennsylvania and Michigan have democrat governors, which explains a lot.  The death rates speak for themselves. A standout exception is Hawaii, highly democratic, but with the lowest death rate of all!

State               Trump      Deaths per     State                    Clinton          Deaths per

State             Plurality      milliom        State                    plurality         million

Wyoming       47.6%        29                   District of Columbia  88.7%   666

West Virginia 42.2%       44                    Hawaii                   32.2%          12

Oklahoma       36.4%       86                    California              28.8%       110

North Dakota 36.3%       85                    Vermont               28.5%          88

Idaho               31.6%         46                   Massachusetts     27.3%     1028

Kentucky         29.8%        99                   Maryland              25.2%       430

South Dakota 29.8%         70                   New York              21.3%     1546

Alabama          28.3%      133                    Washington         16.2%       149

Arkansas          26.6%        45                     Illinois                   16.0%       436

Nebraska         26.3%         94                    Rhode Island        15.6%       691

Tennessee       26.2%        56                      Connecticut         13.3%     1114

Kansas              21.0%        77                      New Jersey          13.2%     1327

Montana         20.0%          16                     Delaware             11.5%       383

Louisiana         19.7%        611                     Oregon                 10.6%         37

Indiana            19.3%        326                      New Mexico         8.3%        175

Missouri          19’1%        130                       Virginia                  4.9%     165

Mississippi      18.6%        258                       Colorado               2.8%      256

Utah                 18.1%          35                        Nevada                  2.4%     137

Alaska                15.2%        14                        Maine                    1.8%       70

South Carolina 14.1%         97                       Minnesota            1.5%     192

Iowa                    9,6%       178                        New Hampshire  0.4%     188

Texas                   9.2%        60

Ohio                    8.6%       194

Georgia               5.7%       198

Arizona               4.1%        129

North Carolina   3.8%          92

Florida                 1.3%       118

Pennsylvania      1.2%       445

Wisconsin           1.0%       104

Michigan              0.3%     556

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Retired engineer, graduated from Chalmers Technical University a long time ago with a degree in Technical Physics. Career in Aerospace, Analytical Chemistry, computer chip manufacturing and finally adjunct faculty at Pennsylvania State University, taught just one course in Computer Engineering, the Capstone Course.

One thought on “Red state – blue state. It is a matter of survival from the corona virus.”

  1. The main difference is public transit. The more people use public transit, the worse the epidemic.

    It boggles my mind that, despite their strident public pleas for everyone to isolate/lock-down/etc., NY Gov. Cuomo and NYC Mayor de Blasio still won’t shut down the NYC mass transit system, which spreads the disease there.

    In New Jersey, by order of Governor Murphy, the train cars and buses are limited to 50% of the normal number of passengers. That should reduce the number of people who a COVID-19 carrier can infect from about 90 to to about 45 per subway trip.

    New York hasn’t even done that.

    If one person with COVID-19 in an MTA subway car or bus coughs, everyone on board is exposed to the disease. But the politicians in charge — Democrats all! — are still running those deadly dangerous trains, subways & buses, even as they hypocritically call on the public to observe “social distancing” rules that are really only effective outdoors.

    You’ve heard it said that “the business of America is business?” Well, those mayors & governors prove it: they don’t want to impede commerce, so they are are prioritizing business over human misery, and sacrificing thousands of lives — disproportionately African Americans — to try to keep commerce limping along a little longer.

    The irony is that, in the long term, they’re just increasing the damage to their big city economies. Those leaders’ refusal to do what is obviously necessary to save lives is not only killing thousands of Americans, it is also making the economic catastrophe much worse. The fact is, the higher the death toll, the greater the long term economic damage.

    At least de Blasio stopped encouraging New Yorkers to keep visiting bars.

    Someone asked me today why Vermont has a low COVID-19 death toll, and neighboring New York has a high one. They’re both run by Democrats, so that isn’t it.

    The answer is obvious: Google any town in Vermont and the word “subway,” and you’ll find sandwich shops. They do have some buses, but I’ll bet few people are riding them.

    Public transit = passengers sharing air. A full subway car = about 90 people crowded together, all sharing the same air, with newly infected passengers being swapped out for fresh victims every few minutes. Could you possibly invent a more effective means of spreading an airborne disease, if you tried?

    Private passenger vehicles = automatic quarantine (or, at worst, air shared by at most about 4 or 5 people, most of whom are probably already closely associated, anyhow). That’s how most people get around in the states with low COVID-19 infection and death rates.

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