November 1, read through the Bible in a year.

Today we read the third chapter of James and two chapters of Ezekiel.

November 1: James 3, Ezekiel 28, Ezekiel 29 (click on the chapter to begin reading).

James 3. We can tame a horse, put a bridle in his mouth to control him, steer a ship with a small rudder but we can not tame our tongue. there are two types of wisdom, heavenly wisdom, coming from God and earthly wisdom coming from man that can even be demonic. Heavenly wisdom produces peacemakers, earthly wisdom, not so much.

Ezekiel 28 contains a proclamation against and a lamentation for the king of Tyre. It also has a proclamation against Sidon and there is still a future blessing for Israel.

Ezekiel 29 has a proclamation against Egypt, the bad news is that Babylonia will plunder Egypt.


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