One more verse to the Hillary Nursery rhyme: Hillary lost her devices..

Hillary Clinton did not use one mobile device for “convenience”, but had 13 mobile devices, 11 devices are now lost. And new revelations from a Friday FBI document dump show a Clinton Foundation laptop containing Hillary Clinton’s personal email server archive was “lost” in the mail after a staffer sent it to Hillary Clinton.
What? Why was Hillary Clinton’s complete e-mail archive with all its top secret information doing on a Clinton Foundation laptop?

This  is more than gross negligence. It borders on treason and adds one more verse to the Hillary Nursery rhyme:

Hillary, Hillary, where have you been?

“It’s none of your business, for I am the queen.”


Hillary, Hillary, lost your devices?

“Who? Me? It depends. What do you devise a device is?”

The whole nursery rhyme:

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Retired engineer, graduated from Chalmers Technical University a long time ago with a degree in Technical Physics. Career in Aerospace, Analytical Chemistry, computer chip manufacturing and finally adjunct faculty at Pennsylvania State University, taught just one course in Computer Engineering, the Capstone Course.

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