Ode to Sarah Palin. The campaign song.

(Best sung to “This ole house” by Stuart Hamblen.)

Sarah Palin is a leader,
Sarah Palin is a wife,
Sarah Palin is a mother,
And she knows the way of life

She was born in small town Sandpoint
But Alaska was her call.
Barracuda was her nickname
When she championed basketball

Ain’t got time to linger longer
Ain’t got time to stay behind
We must step up to the challenge
For she is one of a kind

Ain’t got time to watch destruction,
Nor to take our freedoms light.
Ain’t got time for politicking
We’re gettin’ ready to fight the fight.

Now this world should run much better
Thanks to more of CO2
Grows more food to feed the hungry
That’s what Climate Change will do.

But the Democrats in Congress
Think much more of One World Rule
Fight for Carbon Sequestration
They are stubborn as a mule.


Sarah Palin to the rescue
Sarah Palin to our aid
Sarah Palin to the forefront
‘gainst the cronies gettin’ paid.

On our knees we plead for mercy
On our knees we pray for grace
For the battle is the Lord’s, and
In His will we’ll run the race.


In this world of evil people
She will stand for what is right
While as Christians we are humbled
It is God who leads the fight.

With the Clintons and their Spirits
And Obama and Islam
And their hate for true religion
It is hard to keep the calm


Sarah Palin undefeated
Sarah Palin unafraid
Sarah Palin uncorrupted
By the Devil’s best plans laid.

It is time to stand for virtue
It is time to stand for truth
It is time to vote, be counted
So this land regains its youth.


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Engineer, graduated from Chalmers Technical University a long time ago with a degree in Technical Physics. Career in Aerospace, Analytical Chemistry, and chip manufacturing. Presently adjunct faculty at PSU, teaching one course in Computer Engineering, the Capstone Course.

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