Munich “Peace for our time”, take two. A very, very bad deal. A Limerick.

AA - Iran DealnetantweetObama’s and Chamberlain’s shame:

Was “Peace for our time” just in name?

When Iran gets its nukes

it’s too late for rebukes.

It’s Winston’s and Benjamin’s claim.

Despite pressure to cancel his speech before a joint session of Congress March 3, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is sticking to his decision, because Israel’s very existence is at stake.

This reminds the world of another Munich agreement. Charles Krauthammer claims this deal is much worse than the Munich agreement of 1938. published this picture of the negotiations.



Here is a piece from The Telegraph(UK):

Britain at War: Chamberlain a hero, Churchill booed I clearly remember watching the latest Newsreel in our local cinema. It showed Chamberlain returning from Munich with the famous paper with Hitler’s signature on it. Neville Chamberlain brandishes the paper that he believed signified “peace for our time” on his return from Munich in 1938 Photo I was amazed to see most of the audience rise to their feet and start to clap and cheer. The majority of the population wanted peace and thought that Chamberlain had averted war. At the same time Churchill was booed by most of the audience. I was 15 years old at the time. G R Gorner, Bolton


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