The liberals, the press, PETA, Sarah Palin, Ellen DeGeneres and a “tail” of two dogs.

The liberals, the press, PETA, Sarah Palin, Ellen DeGeneres and a tail of two dogs.
B6YQ1_aIgAEpzSgScreen-Shot-2015-01-02-at-2.29.44-PMThe Facebook message on the left shows Sarah Palin’s special needs son Trig using his personal service dog Jill Hadassah (Esther) as a stepping stone to be of help with the dishes. The Facebook picture on the right shows a girl using a fat, untrained dog being used in a similar way. It was posted by PETA person of the year 2009 Ellen DeGeneres last summer. It received over 50000 likes.

The dog on the left feels the warm, bare feet of Trig. She is so well trained she doesn’t even turn over to get a tummy rub. The dog on the right on the other hand fells only two boots on its back, and shows “Do I really have to put up with this?”
A 50-lb child standing on an UN-trained dog, especially a sleeping dog is a bad idea. With an UN-trained dog, this could have ended in a trip to the hospital for the child and a trip to the vet for the dog.
But, Jill Hadassah is a service dog that Sarah Palin got from the Puppy Jake Foundation. Part of a service dog’s training is to bear heavy weights, and to assist a person that has fallen to get up by whatever means appropriate. You can see from the picture, the dog is physically fit, and takes a special pleasure in being of help. She even spreads her front legs to give even more stability.
Why did PETA get upset about the picture?

This is an excerpt from their “Doing What’s Best for Our Companion Animals” fact sheet
Working Dogs
Relationships of mutual respect and benefit are truly wonderful between dogs and humans; however, working dogs are instead often used as a substitute for innovative non-animal programs that intelligently address human needs.
Optimally, humans should be relied upon for support of the disabled rather than working dogs and other animals—it is too common for animals to be exploited and abused.
So, PETA is against service dogs. They are not against dogs being locked indoors forever, even doing their thing in the laundry room, eating too much and not getting enough exercise. The dogs sit on the window sill in solitary confinement for hours waiting for their masters to come home. Somehow that is humane, but let a dog roam around in the backyard on a chain and leash is not. I do not understand PETA.
The outrage from the press and the liberals is easier to understand. They do not like anything about Sarah Palin and her special needs child. In a society that prefers abortion of children with birth defects Sarah Palin stands out like a sore thumb, reminding them that all life is precious.

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2 thoughts on “The liberals, the press, PETA, Sarah Palin, Ellen DeGeneres and a “tail” of two dogs.”

  1. Let the secular progressives quack, the dogs are trained and love to take care of children and adults needs as to the discipline they are trained for, the problem with seculars is they have is with their moral standards and their guilt trips in supporting abortions, you see they place no value on human life, so they get some satisfaction for fighting for animal rights, sad people do sad things when they have no moral compass to guide them very common in the communistic structure they belong to.

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