Lemmings and Rats, Obama and ISIS.


Lemmings and rats, Obama and ISIS.

Everybody have heard about lemming years, when a large number of lemmings follow each other over a cliff, falls down into the sea below and drown. Political analogies abound, and so this has become common knowledge: That’s what lemmings do. But why? By the way, 2012 was a lemming year in Northern Sweden. To explain why, there is an even better example with rats.  When food is plentiful they multiply fast and after about 4 years there are far too many rats for the food supply. No, they do not die of starvation, virtually all the rats get stressed out and die, all in short order, and the cycle starts anew. It used to be a fairly limited supply of food for the rats, people ate what the land produced, and the number of rats were kept below the stress level.  Enter modern day landfills. There is an overabundance of food in a very limited area, so rats congregate there and multiply. Eventually they will hit the stress level die out and the cycle is renewed. Enter the division of rodent control. In their wisdom they put out rat poison to keep the population down. In so doing they manage to keep the rat population just below the stress level, thereby ensuring that every year is a year of plenty of rats rather than every fourth year.

This brings us to Obama and his approach to ISIS. Obama and his lemmings are feeding themselves on the landfill of outdated and toxic liberal ideology that if we are nice to the Muslims they will be nice to us. Even though the DemocRATS would like it to be so, nothing could be further from the truth. ISIS are true followers of Islam as it was “revealed” to Muhammad right before his death following his poisoning. His followers set out on a murderous conquest in 730 A.D. to conquer Mecca and after his death in 732 A.D. they set out to conquer the world, establishing a world-wide caliphate. This dream is still what motivates ISIS taking their cues from the Quran. Islam is a powerful religion, ideology, law, government and mind control all wrapped up in one. You don’t defeat that with bombings, only attacking the root cause will do. Peace with Islam is impossible unless they have a reformation where all references to violence and Jihad are removed and reinterpreted in peaceful terms. If they do not agree to complete freedom of religion they should not be admitted to this country (or to any civilized country for that matter). Barring that, the rats will multiply, and killing them will assure us of a never ending supply of Jihadist warriors.

You may like to read:  https://lenbilen.com/2014/08/25/isis-the-true-followers-of-the-quran/

With all this said, ISIS is still the gnats compared to Iran, that may soon be a nuclear power.


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Engineer, graduated from Chalmers Technical University a long time ago with a degree in Technical Physics. Career in Aerospace, Analytical Chemistry, and chip manufacturing. Presently adjunct faculty at PSU, teaching one course in Computer Engineering, the Capstone Course.

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