The EU elections show there is a price to pay for a selfie with Obama. A Limerick.

The cost of a selfie with Obama.

asset.dr.dk1At Nelson Mandela’s memorial service Obama was part of a selfie with the Danish Social Democrat Prime Minister Helle Thorning- Schmidt and the British PM David Cameroun. Their levity seemed out-of-place for the occasion since it occurred early while the eulogies were still going on, boring as they are, but out of respect for the diseased you behave.

Yesterday the European Union held elections to choose a new parliament. It is largely a debating body with no real power, the real power rests with the unelected bureaucrats.

The results for Denmark: The Social Democrat is no longer the largest party represented in EU, they lost out to Dansk Folkeparti, an upstart party critical of EU and the Climate Change program.

David Cameron and the Conservatives in Britain fared even worse, they now have the third largest representation in EU, After UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) and Labour. It is clear the European Peoples are thoroughly fed up with the EU bureaucracy, stifling regulations and insane Climate Change policies. As Barack Obama and John Kerry might say: Europe has now joined the flat earth society.

A selfie with Barry does cost

Now count all the votes that got lost

All his hope and his change

Of no use, It is strange.

The climate change plans? They got tossed.

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