Bo joins Obama in an Osprey to Martha’s Vineyard. A Limerick.

From Frontpage magazine: Obama Uses Advanced MV-22 Osprey Marine Tilt Rotor Vehicle to Ferry Dog on Vacation in Martha’s Vinetard.

Obama was sending for Bo

An Osprey was rearing to go

The sequester, who cares?

Call him out no one dares.

He squanders what’s left of our dough.

Here is Obama on vacation:

No worries about sequester, debt limit, budget, IRS, Benghazi, snooping, joblessness, the economy, international relations, only golf and leisure. Believe it or not, this is an official photo.


This is the dog Bo doing his thing on the White House lawn.


Here is an early crash of the Osprey Tilt Rotor vehicle.

The Osprey started development in 19 with a development budget of 2.5 Billion dollars. 55 Billion dollars and 35 fatalities later, during which time it earned the nickname “The Widowmaker” it was ready for deployment. Each MV-22 Osprey costs 65 Million dollars and 11,000 dollars an hour to operate.


It is now a safe vehicle for its intended purpose, but is far too expensive to use flying from airport to airport. It is ideal for use by special forces to defend or  evacuate people from embassies and consulates like Benghazi, so in true style Obama in 2009 cancelled an additional 11 Billion dollar order for more Ospreys, but allocated two of them for his own entourage.

As an engineer I love the Osprey challenge, having an extremely challenging flight envelope. It is now solved, and we will need a strong military. The need for Ospreys is great since now embassies by the dozen are at risk, Ospreys are needed by the special forces. Let Obama’s advance teams and Bo go by car.


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Retired engineer, graduated from Chalmers Technical University a long time ago with a degree in Technical Physics. Career in Aerospace, Analytical Chemistry, computer chip manufacturing and finally adjunct faculty at Pennsylvania State University, taught just one course in Computer Engineering, the Capstone Course.

2 thoughts on “Bo joins Obama in an Osprey to Martha’s Vineyard. A Limerick.”

  1. President Obama did not cancel any Osprey V-22 contract for $11 billion. There was an $11 billion contract canceled in 2009 for 28 VH-71 helicopters that were to be added to the Presidential fleet at a cost estimate of around $400 million apiece.

    They had been ordered during a previous administration.

    The Osprey fleet for the green side support for Presidential travel is planned to be 22 units at a price of $70 million each.

    The Marine Support squadron has already taken delivery of two, those are the ones that were used for the first time for this trip.

    Neither of the Ospreys were detailed solely for First Dog transport.

    The Ospreys were used to transport cargo, vehicles, and personnel along with the First Dog from the Coast Guard base at Bourne Massachusetts to the airfield on Martha’s Vineyard, a 35 mile hop as the Osprey flies, the airport at Martha’s Vinyard is not capable of landing an aircraft the size of AF 1.

    The Osprey has been fully operational in our military since 2005.

    The cost per hour for operation has dropped from the $11 thousand mark to $10 thousand and will continue to drop the longer they are in service.

    The Pentagon has plans to purchase up to 486 Ospreys, which is just dandy with the Marines.

    1. Thanks for the updated information.
      I am very intrigued by the enormous challenges it faced during development with a difficult task of making it stable in the whole flight envelope. The software challenges were enormous. Those problems are now solved, and it is a safe aircraft for its intended purpose. I do think, however it is best suited for special ops, not going from airport to airport.

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