A limerick on why Obama won the election.

The exit polls from the 2012 election give an insight into why Obama won the election.

One fifth of the people said the most important thing was: “Cares about people like me.” Obama won those voters 82 to 17.

That makes me think what would have happened if Sarah Palin had been the candidate.

The Democrats were so worried about such a scenario that they had registered a “nonpartisan” party in all 50 states and got enough signatures to qualify in the event Sarah Palin was the candidate. Since she chose not to run in 2012 there was no longer a need for the Americans Elect party. The timing of the release of the hit piece “Game Change” was largely an effort to discredit Sarah Palin.

This calls for a limerick.

Who cares about people like me?

and fits the lead role to a T?

Sarah Palin’s the one

and she ought to have won.

The in crowd barked up the wrong tree.

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Retired engineer, graduated from Chalmers Technical University a long time ago with a degree in Technical Physics. Career in Aerospace, Analytical Chemistry, computer chip manufacturing and finally adjunct faculty at Pennsylvania State University, taught just one course in Computer Engineering, the Capstone Course.

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