The gas-price run-up. Blame the Republicans! So says Obama. A Limerick.

At a campaign event in Coral Gables, Florida, President Obama says Republicans see rising gas prices as a “political opportunity” and they are “licking their chops.”

Obama didn’t stop there. “They greet bad news so enthusiastically,” he added.

“Some politicians, they see this as a political opportunity. I know you’re shocked by that. Last week the lead story in one newspaper said, ‘Gasoline prices are on the rise and Republicans are licking their chops.’ That’s a quote. That’s the lead. Licking their chops. Only in politics do people root for bad news. They greet bad news so enthusiastically,” Obama said.

Where did the quote “Licking their chops” come from? To the best of my research it was an opinion piece in Politico. Enough said.

Maybe not enough. There were four times as many negative news stories about the gas price run-up during the Bush administration as there are now.


As blame-shifting goes, is Obama’s the tops?

“Republicans fault, they are licking their chops.”

With gas-prices rising.

Our world view despising:

To hold on to power he pulls all the stops.

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