The case for a God.

The case for a God. By Lennart Bilén

For many years trying to think like a scientist I attempted to explain everything without involving anything about which we do not know. The question always is: So how do we exist? The fundamental laws of Physics tell us the total sum of matter and energy is a constant. Creation is therefore impossible without violating the laws of Physics.

So we know that without something outside of what we know we cannot possibly exist. This must exist outside the confines of time and space because, confined to time and space the laws of Physics rule. But since it is outside of time and space there is no way for us to observe it. Yet I do know one thing. The universe exists. I exist and have a sense of presence. Before time and space existed there was something else. For lack of something else I will call it absolute truth, maybe expressible as a mathematical construct.

This truth created the universe, with time and space, and the other dimensions to make it all consist, and the creation was a new stable system. This creation is what we live in. The creator of this system I have chosen to call God. Since we are bound in time and space, and this God is unrestrained of this confinement, is it possible for us to know anything about this God except that without his existence we cannot exist?

There are basically 3 positions possible with respect to God.

  1. There      is no God. This is the atheist position. I cannot accept that position      since it is not intellectually honest. The proof for this position is      impossible to meet since it presumes to know all about the unknown.
  2. There      is a God, but it is impossible to know the character of this God. This is      the agnostic position. I respect this position, partly because I held it      myself for quite a few years. I personally struggled with it, mostly      because I saw purpose everywhere, not only in nature, but also in music.
  3. There      is a God, and He does manifest Himself in various ways. I have accepted      this position as being true.

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Engineer, graduated from Chalmers Technical University a long time ago with a degree in Technical Physics. Career in Aerospace, Analytical Chemistry, and chip manufacturing. Presently adjunct faculty at PSU, teaching one course in Computer Engineering, the Capstone Course.

3 thoughts on “The case for a God.”

  1. Lenhart, before you dismiss the science, you need to understand it. Relating to the statement of being outside time and space, you should research a little more relating to time and space. Basics can be easily understood in “The Elegant Universe” by Brian Green. This also delves into the first issue you brought up relating to matter and energy. Have fun reading, it is actually a quite exhilarating read.

    1. The Atheist position is not “there is no God”, it is a lack of a belief in a god or gods.
    2. The statement you made about purpose in everything relates to patterns the brain sees and tries to create for survival mechanisms, I can go into it deeper if you would like and are “open” to new ideas.
    3. Because you think there must be a god does not make it true. If you value the “truth” and are serious about it, you cannot base the truth on a feeling or accepting there is a god because that is your best guess as you are trying to rule out the rest of the rational explanations through arguments which do not hold up under basic research of the subjects.

    I had been religious most of my life, so I understand. however, during the past 15 years while searching for the “true” religion or what god really wanted me to do, I grew out of religion because of the studies I did on history, Christianity and its beginnings, and mostly on the formation of the New Testament. So I am not someone who doesn’t understand, hasn’t been there, or was never a good Christian… I was. But now I am still good, but I just don’t need a mythical god or fictional book to tell me I am or how to be.

    I will send positive thoughts your way to help you in your understanding ;^)

    1. Thank you for your reply. You have been subject to modern day thinking, dismissing as obsolete belief in the supernatural. For some of the college graduated elite it has grown to an outright hatred for religion. Let me give you an example from another reply to one of my blog entries:
      Belief in the supernatural in most cases is evidence of severe mental illness, possibly schizophrenia. For some reason, people who believe in the virgin birth and resurrection and all the rest of Christian craziness are given a pass. You people should be locked up before you do any more damage to our country. They should at the very least take away your right to vote.
      This being said let me address a couple of points you made.
      The Atheist position is not “there is no God”, it is a lack of a belief in a god or gods.
      I believe that is the agnostic position, which I can respect. The atheist position is a strong belief there is no God.
      The statement you made about purpose in everything relates to patterns the brain sees and tries to create for survival mechanisms, I can go into it deeper if you would like and are “open” to new ideas.
      The survival mechanisms, are they not a powerful evidence of purpose?
      Truth is absolute, otherwise it cannot be truth. We are dealing with semantics, like the word “outside” as “outside time and space.” We do not have a word that fits what is not time and space, for we are confined to it in reality and in thinking.
      There is a lot to learn about our universe. Is it closed in 11 dimensions or not? I am following the search for the Higgs boson with anticipation, for that will either confirm that the standard model is a part of the answer, or we have to find another mathematical model for why the Universe itself can exist at all.
      As to growing out of religion, I was there myself. Growing up in Sweden I gradually became agnostic (see definition above) and believed if I behaved myself I was good. At the age of 33 I realized I was not and I am now a follower of the Lord, Jesus Christ. (It was this statement that led to the outburst that people like me should be locked up)

      1. That reply to you is rather over-the-top, and is not representative of Atheists in general. I apologize for the disrespect within his reply.
        There are many reasons for the belief in the supernatural, though most stemming, again, from survival mechanisms. There are numerous articles within popular culture which describe this better than I. The survival mechanisms being proof of purpose? No, sorry, for an organism to survive, it must have developed a survival mechanism to be able to propagate and continue its genetic code. These mechanisms developed throughout the development of organisms and have continued on to today, some being used to explain natural occurances which cannot be understood. Now that we have understanding, we know that angels do not hold our feet down on earth to keep us from flying away and that Zeus is not throwing lighting bolts at us because we didn’t sacrifice the right newborn child. However, now that we understand these occurances quite a bot better, the supernatural explanations can now be stripped away.
        You are correct in saying truth is absolute, so neither you, nor I can say that it is TRUE that there is, or is not a god. So the only reason I approach these blogs and try and discuss the subject of religion is because I am extremely upset with the ways things are going as far as laws based on religion are disrupting our communities and advancement of science. If someone holds a religious position, they can do whatever they want to themselves, but are not allowed to impose their ideals on others. If they are trying to force other people to act in the same way as themselves, then they are taking away free will. That is not OK and it is extremely vain to think that they hold the only truth in the world and everyone else must succumb to their beliefs. If there is a god and the rest of us do not follow the scriptures as you have been taught, well, then I guess we go to hell as it is our own free will to do so. However, forcing people to live a certain way because a believer thinks it is true will not save anyone.
        There is no need to have a word for outside of time and space as they are infinite. Even time has been proven, beyond a doubt, that it is not constant, so when we are dealing with space and the overall subject of space, time slows and speeds up depending on various variables. TIme can almost stop at the center of black holes, though at another vantage point, observing time within the black hole, or outside it will provide very different rates of time.
        You are right, we are thinking there are at least 11 dimensions at this point, so to dismiss science and say there MUST be a creator because we do not understand is not fair. To dismiss a creator because we do not have proof of one is not fair either. However, the evidence for what science has explained is beyond a doubt far more than any evidence of a creator. And to argue that is a built in design to test one’s faith, well… that is the easy way to “win” the argument.
        I don’t think you should be locked up at all, I just hope you are not one to push your beliefs on others through voting for someone who will do so through the political process as this is a free land and everyone should hold their own rights to believe in what they want as long is it does not hurt anyone else. (another discussion there… ;^)

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