March 29: Reading the Holy Bible in a year.

Mark 2:13-28. Jesus called Levi, the tax collector, also called Matthew. To associate with a tax collector was controversial and the Pharisees objected, since tax collectors were held in disregard, but Jesus assured them he came to save sinners. Then Jesus was questioned about why he and the disciples did not fast, as they should, and worse yet, they picked food from the head of the grain on a Sabbath! To that Jesus claimed that he is also Lord of the Sabbath!

In Joshua 3  the Israelites were finally crossing the Jordan.

Joshua 4. After crossing the Jordan Joshua commanded the Israelites to take twelve stones as Memorial Stones to remind them they crossed Jordan on dry ground. (When the Levites fially had passed over the Jordan River with the Ark the waters returned to flood stage.)

Psalm 25, of David. “Unto Thee, o LORD do I lift up my soul.”

Psalm 26, of David. A Psalm where David asked God to judge him on his merits based on faith.