November 28, read through the Holy Bible in a year.

1 John 1. From the Beginning, what was heard, seen and touched we proclaim, that is the Word of Life. How can we have fellowship with God and with one Another? The Word of God through the Apostle John tells us how.

Amos 6. The prophet issued woe to Zion and woe to Samaria. God abhorred the pride of Jacob.

Amos 7. The prophet had a vision of the Locusts, a vision of fire and a vision of the plumb Line. Amaziah told Amos not to prophesy bad things, but that is why Amos, a poor shepherd, was called.

Amos 8. The prophet had a vision of the summer fruit. That seemed good at first, but it signaled the beginning of the destruction of Israel.

Amos 9. The final chapter of Amos is depicting the destruction of Israel and the promise that Israel will be restored.