Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, birds of a feather, take 2. A Limerick.

Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, a pair;

As predators out on a dare.

The adorers en masse

gave the rapists a pass

and proclaimed: It was just an affair.

A person, who shall remain anonymous since he has set his comment space to “private” commented: This limerick of yours wasn’t funny the first time you posted it. This story is a serious situation and not an appropriate time for comic relief.

This Limerick is not meant to be funny but thought provoking, and it must have worked,  since he remembered and took offense at my posting it more than once. That is the power of verse, the cadence, rhymes and alliterations  make  it easier to remember. The only thing more powerful is if it is set to music.

As to comparing Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby, this is fair game. They are both serial predators.

All predators, whether straight, LGBT, Muslim or Child are abhorrent to me.

In the Case of Bill Clinton and his enabler Hillary Clinton and their enablers, the MSM media, the Democrats and some Republicans I do not hesitate to call it for what it is: Sin. If they do not believe in God I will have to call it pure evil.

I guess that makes me a bigot, but at least an equal opportunity bigot.