Obama wants taxes like Sweden. A Limerick.

We are now in the thick of sequestration, a two percent cut in the growth of government spending, and according to Obama one of the worst calamities possible unless we raise taxes. In the meantime the stock market is in record territory. Some must see the world through a thick smoke.
This is what “Riksskatteverket”, the Swedish equivalent of the IRS has produced to prod people into paying more taxes.

Before coming to the U.S. from Sweden, I experienced a rather steep rise in taxes to help pay for a rapidly expanding government services. I got very good raises, but all the raises were absorbed in higher taxes, so my take home pay stayed about the same. After I left things got much worse, so bad that the famous author of “Pippi Longstocking,” Astrid Lindgren penned this essay in the tabloid “Expressen” in 1976 : https://lenbilen.com/2012/01/24/pomperipossa-in-monismania/
This character Pomperipossa helped bring down the socialist Swedish government after a reign of 44 years.
Which brings me to today’s Limerick.
Obama wants taxing like Sweden;
The welfare state’s excesses Eden.
No more jobs is our lot
They have all gone to pot
In the pit they are smoking their weed in.

Sequestration, the end of the world? A Limerick.

Sequester_MitchellObama the spender: “Tax more!
We Must spend much more than before
on Solyndra and friends”.
for on such he depends.
Sequester: Cut waste to the core?

So, is cutting the growth in spending by 86 Billion in a Federal Continuing Resolution spending of over 3.6 Trillion dollars the end of the world? Congress (The Democrats in the Senate, that is Harry Reid) have prevented a vote on any budget for four years. Yhe only budget that have been voted on in the Senate is the Presidental budget proposal. It got defeated 97 to 0. Not one Democrat voted for the White House budget! They are much more comfortable spending on the Continuing resolution, continuing to spend on canceled programs, not funding changes except as “emergencies” thus multiplying the debt.
The President himself promised to veto any proposal that changed the seguester. Listen: