April 21: Reading the Holy Bible in a year.

Mark 15:21-47. The Crucifixion of Jesus the King took place. Read it carefully. Jesus Died, spiked on the cross, and at the same time the Temple veil was rent in two, from top to bottom, opening up for us full access to God himself. Jesus died, and Joseph of Arimathea asked for his body and buried him in a tomb cut out in a rock.

1 Samuel 9. Saul was a tall and handsome man, his father had lost some donkeys, so he sent Saul and his servant to look for them. Not finding them for three days they went to the prophet Samuel, God told Samuel to meet them, and so they met up, and thus Saul was chosen to be King.

In 1 Samuel 10. Saul was Anointed King and proclaimed King over all Israel.