October 9, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

In between the Apostle Paul’s letter to Philemon and the letter to the Hebrews we read two Psalms and three chapters of Jeremiah.

October 9: Psalm 121, Psalm 122, Jeremiah 45, Jeremiah 46, Jeremiah 47 (click on the chapter to begin reading).

Psalm 121, a Song of Accents. Psalms 120 to 134 were sung on the way to Jerusalem during the festivals.

Psalm 122, a Song of Accents. This one is of David.

Jeremiah 45. In 5 verses God gave assurance to Baruch to save his life, but disaster on the people.

Jeremiah 46. God proclaimed judgment on Egypt. Babylonia would strike Egypt but God would preserve Israel.

Jeremiah 47. And finally, there was to be a future judgment on Philistia.