September 26: Reading the Holy Bible in a year.

1 Thessalonians 2. The Apostle Paul defended his motives and his conduct, they were all pure. Then he gave thanks to God for the conversion of the Thessalonians and mentioned his longing to see them.

Jeremiah 17. Judah’s sin was deep and worthy of punishment. Jeremiah gave a profound confession and delivered a beautiful prayer for deliverance. Then he reminded the people to keep the sabbath holy.

Jeremiah 18. Jeremiah went to the potter’s house and learned the importance of the potter and the clay. God’s warning was rejected by the people and Jeremiah was persecuted.

Jeremiah 19. Jeremiah bought a clay jar, went to the valley of Hinnon, later called Gehenna, proclaimed disaster over Judah and Jerusalem over their offerings to Baal or Molech and broke the clay jar to signify how big the disaster was going to be.