February 23, read through the Bible in a year.

Today there are four chapters to read, ponder the significance of Matthew 28.

February 23: Matthew 28, Numbers 2, Numbers 3, Numbers 4 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Matthew 28 begins with Jesus being in the grave for the two adjoining sabbaths, the first day of unleavened bread followed by the normal sabbath, an earthquake and the stone was rolled away and Jesus was no longer in the grave. The guards were bribed to tell that the disciples took the body, but two  women, the two Marys met Jesus, and he told them to tell the remaining disciples that he is risen from the dead. Matthew ends with Jesus giving the great commission.

Numbers 2 tells how the tribes are to be arranged around the tabernacle, three to the east, three to the south, three to the west and three to the north and the Levites in the middle.

Numbers 3 counts the Levites by clan.

Numbers 4 tells of the duties of the Kohathites, the Gershonites and the Merarites. Then these Levite clans are numbered.