September 27: Reading the Holy Bible in a year.

1 Thessalonians 3 tells of the Apostle Paul’s concern for the Thessalonians’ faith, he was encouraged by the report from Timothy. The chapter ends with a prayer that their love may increase.

Jeremiah 20. The chief priest Pashhur heard of Jeremiah prophesy and its bad outcomes, so he punished Jeremiah, which led to the word of God given to Pashhur. Jeremiah gave yet another complaint to God, this time even to the point of complaining he was born.

Jeremiah 21. Jerusalem was doomed, and God delivered this message to the house of David.

Jeremiah 22 continues God’s messages to the House of David, the sons of Josiah and proclaimed the end of the Davidic line with Jehoiachin. This is one reason Jesus had to be adopted by Joseph to restore the Davidic line according to the gospel of Matthew.