February 12, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

Today’s reading starts with the transfiguration from the gospel of Matthew. It continues with the fact that healing is associated with faith, and finally deals with tax matters. The three chapters from Leviticus deal with offerings and the duties of priests.

February 12: Matthew 17, Leviticus 7, Leviticus 8, Leviticus 9 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Matthew 17 begins with telling of the transfiguration. Then the disciples tried to heal a boy with epilepsy but failed. Jesus healed him immediately. The disciples could not do it because they had so little faith. Jesus also predicted his death, and the tax collectors came to Peter to collect the poll tax. Jesus solved this by telling Peter to go fishing and from the first fish he caught he would take the four drachma coin  swallowed by the fish. That did take care of the tax for both Peter and Jesus.

Leviticus 7 defines the guilt offering and the peace(fellowship) offering. It furthermore forbids the people to eat fat or blood. In a fellowship offering the priest must get his share, and the share is specified.

Leviticus 8 goes into some length on how  the ordination of Aaron and his sons was done.

In Leviticus 9 the priestly ministry begins.