April 4, read through the Bible in a year.

Today there are five chapters, there is not one New Testament comment in the four chapters of Joshua. Read them as history and Geography and enjoy!

April 4: Luke 14Joshua 11, Joshua 12, Joshua 13, Joshua 14 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Luke 14, again, on the Sabbath, at a Pharisee’s house Jesus heals a man with dropsy. Noticing how the people competed for the best places Jesus spoke of the lowly Place to be sought. Then he gave the parable of the Great Supper, the cost of following Christ and finally a few words of the value of good salt and salt that lost its savor.

Joshua 11 tells of the Northern Conquest and gives a summary of all the conquests.

Joshua 12 sums up the Kings conquered by Moses and the Kings conquered by Joshua.

Joshua 13 describes the land to be conquered; the land divided East of Jordan: The land of Reuben, the land of Gad and the land of Manasseh East of Jordan.

Joshua 14 describes the land Divided West of Jordan and that Caleb in his strength inherits Hebron.