Thought for the day: Natural born citizen or Supernatural born citizen?

But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, (Philippians 3:30)

Down here on Earth, good old United States of America we have four types of citizenship. Both me and my wife are immigrants and while we were yet resident aliens, our three children were born. We applied for citizenship, passed all tests, and as the immigration officer was ready to schedule our immigration ceremony he discovered we had moved 8 miles from Delaware to Pennsylvania, a different federal district, he sent our papers to Pennsylvania. Being federal agency they promptly lost our papers. We waited and waited and finally started the process anew. This time we managed to become naturalized citizens. Since we were resident aliens at the time of the birth, our children are native born citizens. Our oldest son married an immigrant, their firstborn is a native born citizen, the second child, born after she became a citizen, is a natural born citizen. Our daughter married an immigrant, and their firstborn child is a native born citizen. After her husband became a citizen they established residence abroad and their second child was born abroad. He is now a native citizen after moving back to the States. As to our third son, no problem. His children are natural born citizens.

After all this, who can now be president? It is clear that me and my wife cannot. Can our children become president? How about all of our grandchildren? What about the children where the father is unknown?

The constitution clearly states that that only a natural born citizen can become president of  the United states, and this is the only office that has that requirement.

Congress determined that John McCain was a natural born citizen, even though he was born in a hospital just outside the Panama Canal Zone. Congress never established the status of Barack Obama even though his father never even was a resident alien.

As Supreme court juctise Clarence Thomas put it: “We’re evading that one.”

The issue of who is a natural born citizen needs to be defined once and for all by the Supreme Court.

In the meantime I am eternally thankful I am a Supernatural born citizen.






Obama, the race-baiter. A Limerick.

I have to confess, I am a news junkie.
Many years ago the Los Angeles police beat up Rodney King before a camera. No matter what channel I switched to I saw the same three second video clip. This continued for years until the trial, where the policemen were acquitted. Racial riots ensued. Rodney King himself lamented: “Can’t we all get along?”

When the U.S. Storm troopers did their successful Good Friday raid on Elian Gonzales to bring him back to Cuba after Bill Clinton had promised Fidel Castro he belonged with his father there was a photo of a boy scared out of his wits at the multitude of special forces attacking him, the media got enraged and showed it over and over again. But after about five hours the government told the press to stop. They obliged.
Elian Gonzales
Which brings us to the Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman tragedy.
Trayvon Martin is black.
George Zimmerman is White, Hispanic and 1/8 Black.
The FBI conducted a thorough investigation and concluded it was not about race.
The prosecution said it was not about race.
The judge said it was not about race.
The jury said it was never about race.
The defense said it was never about race, and not about “Stand your ground” either
The defense waved the “Stand the ground” hearing.
After the trial was over some in the media finally admitted it was not about race.
One week later at an unscheduled appearance at the White House daily briefing President Obama used this opportunity to say it is all about race and “Stand the ground”, thus fanning the flames of racial tension. This is not right!
On CNN John McCain agreed with the President and the “Stand your ground” laws.
We need a discussion on violence in America, especially black on black violence, but also mob violence in general. The Zimmerman trial is the wrong catalyst. Take a good look at any weekend in Chicago instead, Mr. President!

Obama, the race-baiter. Ouch!
He is but a miscreant grouch.
In this “teachable moment”
John McCain aids the foment.
Stand your ground!! Don’t just sit on the couch!