November 27, read through the Bible in a year.

Today we read the second chapter of first John and five chapters of Hosea.

November 27: 1 John 2, Hosea 1, Hosea 2, Hosea 3, Hosea 4, Hosea 5 (click on the chapter to begin reading).

1 John 2. Tohn explains how you can test if you know Him, warns of sin and is concerned for their spiritual state. There will come a last hour’s deception, so let the truth abide in You. Remember you are children of God.

Hosea 1. God told Hosea to marry a harlot. She gave birth to three children, given negative sounding names. In spite of this God promises  the restoration of Israel.

Hosea 2 tells of God’s unfaithful people, how they are punished and restored, and finally shown unmerited mercy.

Hosea 3. God told Hosea to reconcile with his wife, and so Israel will return to God.

Hosea 4. God gives His charge against Israel because of Israel’s Idolatry.

Hosea 5. God proclaims judgment on Israel, Ephraim and Judah.