Philippians 2.

While the trinity, or the triune God is never explicitly spelled out in scripture, it is hinted at in so many places:

Yes, Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man:

This emphasizes who was, is, and will be performing the salvation, as was written in Philippians 1:5-6 For your fellowship in the gospel from the first day (past) until now (present); Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it (future) until the day of Jesus Christ:”.



Genesis 15, God’s land covenant with Abram.

This is now the fourth name of God introduced. NIV translates it “Sovereign GOD”

The normal way of sealing a covenant is that both parties to the covenant pass between the halves of the sacrifice, as is described in Jeremiah:

The smoking oven and the burning torch symbolize God passing between the pieces. The most important thing to realize is that God walks through alone. Normally, both parties of the covenant would walk through together, showing that they both had responsibilities to keep in order to maintain the covenant. But when God walks through alone, He shows Abram that there is absolutely nothing Abram or his descendants have to do in order for God to keep this covenant.

It is a one sided covenant. God takes all the responsibility for fulfilling it upon Himself. No matter what Abram does or doesn’t do from this point on, God will keep His promise. No matter what Israel has or has not done in history, God will keep His promise. (


Philippians 1.


The Apostle Paul writes the letter to the Philippians from prison in Rome.

Philippi is located in the middle of Macedonia.

There are still ruins left from the Roman time.

The acts pf the Apostles is recorded in Acts:

Paul prayed and gave thanksgiving often, as is evidenced by these quotes from second Corinthians:

Yes. even Job, in the oldest book of the Bible, the trust in God is evident.


All the Glory belongs to the LORD and to our Savior, Jesus Christ.