The case for Obama’s impeachment. A 17 verse song. And a Limerick

Fundamental transform of our land;

A banana republic at hand.

What Obama hath wrought:

From our freedoms, long fought

is defeat under his non-command.

Obama has done immense damage to our country.
I try to summarize it in the impeachment song.

Two more verses to the Impeachment song

The impeachment song: (To the tune of “Please release me, let me go”)

Two more verses added:

Children crossing Rio Grande;

As shields they get the welcome hand;

Open borders for my band;

Jihadists, and thugs will rule your land.


Lois Lerner lost her mail.

My IRS began to fail.

Soon I am no chief to hail,

Guantanamo next – and post no bail!


The whole song keeps growing and growing:

The impeachment song (Updated with Jihadists for deserter exchange)

The impeachment song: (To the tune of “Please release me, let me go”)

The latest verse now deals with the Jihadists for deserter prisoner exchange:

Ten* Jihadists did I free

for one deserter**, look at me;

breaking laws for all to see;

You gave me your vote, it had to be.

The whole song now goes like this:
*Five Jihadists were released last year as a goodwill gesture to get the negotiations with the Taliban moving, then five more for the exchange.

** The charge of deserter is unproven. I chose to use it rather than the most probable term “defector”. I have to do it since Susan Rice prematurely declared he served with “honor and distinction” which is wrong to claim in the middle of an investigation.

The Obama impeachment song (updated with a VA hospital verse)

The impeachment song: (To the tune of “Please release me, let me go”)

The latest verse now deals with the VA hospital scandal:
VA healthcare, it is said:
Deny, delay until they’re dead.
Be found out, it is my dread
my epitaph will state: You have been had.

The complete song:

The earlier verses on this video:

The train-wreck that is Obama-care. A Song.

Train-wreck, train-wreck, I despair. Train-wrecked is Obama-care.obamacarestamp

Website broke beyond repair.  It is Obama-scare.


I’ll be lost without health-care, Go without I would not dare

My old plans don’t have a prayer, too good to be deemed fair.


Cost is more than doubled too. No, Sebelius, that won’t do.

But her attitude comes through: “I do not work for you”.


Crony-ism to the sky, Obama gave his reason why:

“No-one is more mad than I.” Wasn’t  that a true reply?


Train-wreck, train-wreck, I despair. Train-wrecked is Obama-scare.

Common sense was never there.  But Obama doesn’t care.

One more phony verse to the Obama impeachment song.

One more verse to the Obama impeachment song:
When those phony scandals broke
I shrugged my head, I’m just a bloke.
It’s not lies, I just misspoke.
I fooled you twice, now we all are broke.
The complete song now goes as follows:
The impeachment song: (To the tune of “Please release me, let me go”)

Shine over sea and land (Gläns över sjö och strand)



Shine over sea and land, star in the distance,

Born by the Lord’s command for man’s assistance

Bethlehem’s Star whose rays

Lead where our Savior stays.


Shepherds behold the sight

In the midwinter night

Of that deep guiding light

Star shining clear and bright.


Night over Bethlehem, night over Zion;

Over in Western rim sets the Orion.

Shepherds that watch their sheep;

Child in a dreamless sleep –


Wakes with a glorious

Chorus of voices

God’s host victorious

With us rejoices.