My name is Lennart Bilén.

I am a semi-retired engineer with a degree in Technical Physics from Chalmers’ Technical University, Gothenburg, Sweden.

In 1968 I emigrated to the U.S, got born from above in 1974.

This blog is about three things that are important to me and my world view.

My faith: I believe in a triune God that cares for me. He is not willing that anyone should perish. God is love. God is Holy. God is truth. I am a follower of the Lord, Jesus Christ. This compels me to have respect for life.

In the beginning God: This means God is the creator of everything, even time and space.

The environment: We are stewards of what God has created and are obligated to leave the Earth in a better shape than we entered it.

Politics: We have an obligation to, as far as it is possible to live peacefully with each other. Politics is the art of the possible. I believe in individual responsibility rather than federal monopoly on compassion.A country is judged on how it treats their most vulnerable, those who can’t without help and protection, not how it coddles those who won’t. The proper balance between public and individual responsibility is what politics should be all about.

I believe freedom of religion, not just freedom of worship, is one of the main tenets that makes America possible, where all faiths are free to express themselves, even in the public square.

After retirement as an engineer I took a position of adjunct faculty at the University ,trying to convert the students from cramming for exams to become world class engineers, utilizing teamwork to complete a project requested by a sponsor, and do it on time and under budget. All this in 17 short weeks, it is a tall order, but one does what one can.



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hej, Jag har samma bakgrund. Teknisk Fysik fraan Lunds Tekniska Hoegskola. Aer nu bosatt i USA. Jag var en svaeng om i Sverige och var politisk aktiv i Skaane. Skrev bla en motion om att “vi maaste diskutera om co2 verkligen aer ett problem foer vaar kommun innan vi investerar naagra pengar i det”. Naturligtvis vet jag att hela co2 debatten aer kontruerad och haelt fiktiv, men jag var tvungen att ta det varsamt foer kommunpolitikerna. Naer min motion kom upp du kan inte ana vilket liv det blev i hela huset. Smutskastning, svordommar, etc etc. Har aldrig varit med om naagot sadant i hela mitt liv. Vi laemnade snart Sverige och aer nu tillbaka i USA saa att vi kan hemundervisa vaara fyra smaa barn i lugn o ro.

  2. Mr Bilen,
    Have you thought about composing another essay on climate change? I would appreciate your updated, indepth opinion on the subject.
    Sorry, I couldn’t find any other way to contact you on your blog.

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